Re: How long can Devils Claw be used


Thanks for the suggestion on adjusting the pads. I’m going to work on that. I’m not sure about the jiaogulan. She almost seems worse on it. Is that possible? Her gums have gotten more pink so I thought she was on the right amount.  This morning she was laying down and reluctant to get up. She seemed very stiff. Yesterday I found her licking wet dirt near her water trough.  I don’t know what to make of that. This is absolutely the worst she has ever been.  I was able to get some Devils claw yesterday but not sure how to get it into her. Any suggestions on any of this would be helpful. I’m going to update her case history but she was tested for PPID this spring and put on one mg of pergolide. Retested and her acth came down from 100 to 22. Her hay is the same she’s been on before all this happened. Supplements all the same except for the addition of jiaogulan last week. Her insulin has always been high but earlier this spring she was trotting and at rare times running up to get fed. 
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Lynn McKechnie

N. California, May, 2011

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