Re: Solar Penetration

Lorna Cane

Hi Nicolle,

Both Colloidal Silver and Manuka Honey have antimicrobrial properties.Even raw honey does.
About the spray I mentioned,I *think* it is to be used more as a bandage,on wounds not easily bandaged.I'm a bit confused because it also says not to use on open wounds.Say what? 
Not sure what to say but my vet recommended it to me last year when dealing with a nasty wound,and the thing healed beautifully.
The brand is AlShield by Partnar Animal Health. Aerosol Bandage. Website says 120g cost $216.00.Hogwash.
Others,though,have offered good suggestions of products they found to work well.

What is her temp this morning? 

I think you know that coronary band needs to be clean and covered.Old sock/duct tape/gater  might be good. Orother specially made products. 
Lorna in Eastern Ontario

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