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Hi Sherry, it is designed for people, I bought it from someone else who has some on hand. I do not think the dosage she is getting is doing anything for her and she absolutely hates it. According to the label on the bottle, a serving size is 0.7ml and instructions are to add one dropper full (which is about 1ml) to 2oz of water 2-4 times per day (obviously for a human). I have been giving her 3ml AM/PM (so in total she has been getting 6ml per day). I am sure that is not doing anything. It says "extraction rate 233mg herb per 0.7ml." 

I have slowly begun adding in the PQ + DC as recommended by Cass's recommendation, so hopefully she will begin to eat that. 

Do you recommend getting a "horse version" of DC? She will be getting trimmed tomorrow so hopefully that will help with foot pain, but she is pretty painful right now, so still just trying to figure out what to do to help with her pain. 
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