Re: Solar Penetration


Nicole, just wanted to share my experience with my donkeys who were down for a period of time. You & Elsa are doing so well, we all seem to be sending good vibes to you both.  Take heart from those who have come out the other side to share their experience.
I’m unsure of Dr. Kellon ‘s opinion regarding use of Essential Oils, so it would be worth checking her opinion if you wanted to try it out.
I have used pure Lavender Essential Oil on proud flesh bed sores & on Coronet weeping which worked well getting rid of infection & helping granular healing in the open flesh wound.
Caroline Ingraham is an animal Essential Oil Specialist - take a look at her website-

One suggestion was to try a few drops in an extra bucket of water. Providing choice for the horse to drink including normal drinking water. In the end I had 3 different buckets with different oils in it for different issues. They decided which, if any, they wanted to drink , how much of it & then eventually didn’t bother with it when done. 

 As advised I let her lick from my hand a drop of lavender oil in a drop of water, or let her smell it if she wanted to. She vigorously rubbed the right side of her her nose in it every time I checked on her . This continued for many days gradually getting less, until not wanting it anymore. I’ve found since if she goes through a painful episode I repeat the offering & she takes it up- ignoring it when she starts improving feeling. It seems to cheer her up /reassure her so I use it as part of my first aid.
I’ve not shared before as it’s a bit ‘out there’ but it seems to do something for my donkey & pony & makes me feel less useless.

March 2021

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