Re: Hawaii mini with EMS

Sherry Morse

Hi Rose,

You have your subscription set to Full Featured Digest so you did get the emails, you would just need to have read the complete contents of each digest to find them.  Most members find it easier to go online ( | Topics) to read their responses OR select Individual email in their subscription so they can get individual responses.

All answers to your original thread can be found here: | Hawaii horse with Equine Metabolic Syndrom and the answer to your questions can be found in your welcome message: Re: Hawaii horse with Equine Metabolic Syndrom (

You can contact EquiAnalytical (Analytical Service Packages | Equi-Analyticalas outlined in your welcome message about testing hay or grass.  Just keep in mind that testing grass is simply a reflection of that moment in time as sugars in grass can vary with weather and time of day.

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