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Lesley Bludworth

Im not debating which is better.
I just have some at the house, so i'll just use it up then at 4 x the dose, as I suspect it works much differently than the 
j herb because it seems like its colostrum. 
I'm giving j herb x 3 weeks and
She is not comfortable.
I will up load pics of her trim to see if something can be done there

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Horse Journal (for which Dr Kellon was the veterinary editor) did review LaminaSaver (and perhaps other Figuerola products) back about 2003.  It was found effective but at a minimum of double the recommended dose.  I used it for a month for Beau (founder) in 2003. At that time it was very expensive to double dose a 1000 pound animal. $1000 per month. It was not as effective for pain control as using Dr Kellon's jiaogulan protocol which literally costs pennies per day. The realigning trim needs to be in place, and diagnosis and diet under control.

More recently folks have had better results with LaminaOx

I'd still go with jiaogulan as my first choice with DDT under control..

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