Re: Cheapest Prascend


I called my vet's office and asked if I could have the Prascend script called into - at the time the best online price I could find.  This was about a year or more ago.
To save the sale so to speak - she asked me if she could check about price matching if I let them fill it for me instead of going to an online place.
She called back later that day and from then on they have reduced the price for me every time I order.  Usually they make it a close price to the online price with the $30 rebate kicking in to make it very close to the online price.  The rebate can come or go - but it's always been in place when I've needed to order.
They now have that in the computer and I don't have to keep asking for the better price.
It's not THE best price - but it's close enough to the online stuff that I feel ok getting it from my vet.

I HATE having to 'haggle' over price for an essential medicine that my horse needs because big pharma has hijacked a decades old compound to pad their pockets.
Vet is coming out this morning to pull blood to see if we need to increase Salsa up to 2 prascend a day - which makes me cringe.

Good luck to us all and I'm jealous of everyone that can get their hands on compounded pergolide - hopefully the price on that is still affordable for folks!

Tracy and Salsa (1999 model year Paso Fino)
Middle TN USA, September 2019
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