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The following paper is what vets read that often scares them regarding Rx compounded.
drug_compounding_guidelines.pdf (
The following paper is for horse owners and includes a section on how compounded drugs should not be used as a cost saving measure and could be dangerous.
Microsoft Word - Horse Owners Guide to Compounding - Final2.doc (
It's asinine. Cost figures into everything everyone does, including human medicine. It's one of the reasons generic medicines are available and often mandated by insurance companies. Why the veterinary associations don't acknowledge that and simply include guardrails to make sure compounded meds are quality instead of looked down on is shameful. I realize they are depended on research and grant money from companies such as BI, but there is no way most horse owners can afford $300 plus per month for 5-6 mgs of Prascend when compounded done correctly is equivalent in efficacy and affordable.

I normally advise people to only ask for compounding to be done because of administration issues instead of off the bat stating it's for $$ reasons and to only use accredited compounders to combat all of the legal terror that their vets get exposed to from their professional organizations. The above two linked documents are just part of the huge section on the AAEP and AVMA websites dealing with compounded meds.
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