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Hi Amy, I'm sorry you are having this problem. It is so unneccessary! Has your vet said why she is not comfortable prescribing the CP anymore? Is she at all open to discussing evidence for efficacy, etc?  I know that is probably a long shot, or so it seems from my past experiences with trying to find a vet willing to prescribe the CP but maybe worth a try?

When the dosage became unaffordable for me (plus issues of getting the Prascend into my horse and wasting every other tab!) and I was unable to get a CP prescription from any of the three vets I was familiar with, I used the veterinary board list to find every licensed vet in southern Idaho. I wrote letters to every one of them and I lucked out. I got a response from a vet who was new to my area in the first few letters I sent -  before I had made it to the post office to get more stamps for the rest! 

I had also called a couple of compounding pharmacies that have been mentioned by members here and asked them if they could give me the names of any vets or clinics within 100 miles of me who do prescribe it. I was willing to haul that far for an annual physical, labwork, etc because it would still be less expensive than Prascend. 

Best of luck to you.
Jill, Khari & Jetty in Idaho


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