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Nicolle Dupont


OK, I will upload.  I did use a bed sheet for weeks now but it got things dirtier than using the rubber mat.  I was actually thinking a vinyl tablecloth might be better so that she doesn't pull everything with her when she moves.  She goes from flat out to sternal about every 1 1/2 minutes, tucks her legs up then pushes them forward which moves everything and gets dirt and shavings everywhere.  She does that about 4 times each foot.  I believe this is an involuntary thing to keep her body going.
Did you have rotation also with these horses?  Were they on antibiotics the whole time?   Did they all come through this being sound at the end?
Yesterday I was at the end of my rope, almost called the vet to come and do the deed.  I would have been much better if the LF coronary band was not looking the way it does.  I am afraid to take the boot off on that one as I think the whole hoof will come with it and then what do I do?  It is the time investment that is hard.  I go out there twice per day to administer the antibiotics, feed, water and wound management once per day.  If I could just go out there once per day for 2 or 3 hours that would be manageable.  I need to work and be able to have income or this is for nothing as I will not be able to afford to keep a horse.  If she went sternal more then I could leave hay and water there.  Right now I need to put the bucket in front of her and put my knee behind her ear to let her drink.  The fact that she is in an outside pen causes me concern for when the weather gets worse.  The thought of her lying in the mud or snow is not a good thought.
Last night she was 'sitting up' more and actually stood without the crazy shaking.  She has been ravenous the last few days so thinking she is getting more nutrition which will hopefully make her stronger.  I have tried to stop worrying about her getting stuck in the fences.  She seems to manage to get herself up and moved as that was causing me huge stress.  I bait her by laying hay out in the opposite direction and she makes the decision to get herself moved over.
Has anyone heard of these guys or have any comments?
Nicolle D in BC Canada 2022

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