Re: Why an IR horse shouldn't have shoes on?

Starshine Ranch

Kirsten, Midnight is not laminitic but she is IR... last check was 40.84 in April.  She's been barefoot all her life with really good trims but she's been stumbling a lot lately (21 now) so I bought Scoot Boots for her and am just going to start breaking them in today... 30 min at a time for the first few rides.  Now I'm concerned!  She's never been laminitic but I sure don't want to cause that.  The hay we just finished (got it end of February) was over 8% sugar/starch.  Now they are eating a meadow (got it this month) that is only 6.1%, very low protein and iron.  Haven't ridden her since we started this hay.  She was off for two weeks with a sore fetlock and she also started breathing heavily/labored for about a week or so.  It stopped shortly after I got the new hay.  A nurse friend said that kind of breathing sometimes happens with diabetic keto acidosis... IR would be similar to adult diabetes?   Not sure if I should try her again without the boots or use them.  Definitely will test her again after the rise.
Linda in Grass Valley, CA  2020  Midnight and Ostara

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