Re: Solar Penetration

Lorna Cane

Understand. So We need to keep crap out of boots. :-)
I'm looking over old pix (see Photo section) and can see that I used shipping boots a lot.The shipping boots covered the tops of whatever other boots I was using.
I used  Davis Boots a lot because I could fit a well-bandaged foot into them,especially if I bought a size larger than usually needed.I could also use them for soaking(when appropriate),although IV bags are good for that ,too. Soaking whilst pony is down is tricky but can be done.Need to wait until the foot to be soaked is on top.Then strategically place something under the leg to keep foot as low as possible,to keep soaking stuff from escaping.Or one can soak a wet towel and surround the hoof with it,inside Davis Boot.
When appropriate.

Lorna in Eastern Ontario

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