Re: How long can Devils Claw be used

Kirsten Rasmussen

Hi Lynn,

Usually when horses become more painful on jiaogulan it is because abscesses are starting to mobilize now that circulation has improved.  If you are really concerned you could try taking her off it temporarily but ultimately if she has abscesses you want them to mobilize and exit the hoof, and the jiaogulan will help speed that up, as will Epsom salt soaks/poultices.  The stiffness may have been from laying down for a long period, so that tells you she probably didn't move around much last night.  It's ok for her to lay down for long periods if her feet are sore.  Just make sure she has a safe, thickly bedded area to do so.

I've never seen Devils Claw but is it a powder?  If so, you could dissolve it in water to make a runny paste in a syringe, then give it orally.

You should retest her ACTH (and insulin + glucose) to make sure it's staying low on 1 mg pergolide, especially now that we are well into the seasonal rise.

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