Switching feeds palatability

Lesley Bludworth

My laminitic mare is not eating much.  She is on Omeprazole and Metformin (syringed with MOM).  Blood work this Monday to see if Metformin is helping.
She turns her nose to all pelleted feeds including the grain she used to eat.  I can see her ribs.
She will not eat the TC timothy balance any longer. 
This morning I mixed a scoop of Mt. Sunrise timothy pellets in with a scoop of the TC timothy balance and soaked it all and she started to eat that. 
Can I up the amount of timothy pellets to encourage her to eat?  I know its not a safe feed but it hard to see her in pain and not eating.
Lesley Bludworth 
Phoenix, AZ
Sophie Case History 7/2022

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