Re: Solar Penetration

Lorna Cane

I didn't try vinyl, Nicolle, but my hesitation would be its slippiness.
And I only used the sheets when he was being trimmed(see pix) or rebandaged,because I didn't have the worry you have about location.I imagine if there were a way to allow her to be inside you would have arranged that.
But as others have said,one day at a time. Stay in the moment. At the moment she is eating,at the moment she is drinking,etc. Our brains work against us in situations like this,and we need to keep them occupied thinking about ways not to undermine us. Stop them from going to the 'what if' file.Breathing techniques work this way ,too.

I have all my notes from the beginning,but the thing is that we knew what the issue was with my boys.Selenium toxicity.
I don't think we know what is causing this nightmare for Elsa and you,do we?
So I'd be wrong to say, "Look I did this,so you should,too",wrt meds.

How was her temp last night? This morning?
When she stood up (yay,that is a huge considering how her fronts feel) what did she do?

When she gets herself moved over to her hay,does she do it by scutching over? Actually get up? Be sure to keep the hay close enough that it isn't more effort than required.
It is great that you have bumped her growlies. Just remember....and this is hard....that it is a slow process. Very slow.She needs time to make use of what she is taking in.I know you know this.But it's so damned hard to be watching,and waiting ,sometimes it helps to hear it again.

Here are the Davis (poultice) Boots I mentioned before:

For me,and remember I'm not a vet, this seems to be a toxicity of some kind.But I think you've ruled that out(?),and surely blood work would have given some clue about that.

I  put great store in the value of acupuncture. Maybe that's a thought for Elsa. You might be amazed.


Lorna in Eastern Ontario

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