Re: Why an IR horse shouldn't have shoes on?

Sherry Morse

Hi Linda,

1- We usually can correlate an insulin of over 80 with laminitis.  Midnight's last reading was nowhere near that.  If you wanted to know if she's experiencing laminitis now due to elevated insulin you would need to test her again now.
2 - We can't speak to how your trim has or hasn't changed or should change to address stumbling as you don't have a photo album
3 - Is there a reason you think that putting her in boots is going to change the stumbling? 
4 - Is there a reason you think putting her in boots will cause laminitis?

For any horse that had breathing issues I would be looking at environmental issues first and then for a PPID horse I would check ACTH levels to make sure that's not part of the problem.  Without knowing what the conditions was at the time of the heavy breathing we again can't comment on that.  Based on last year's bloodwork her ACTH may in fact be elevated and she may be in need of more medication.  Or it could be there was something in the old hay and it's no longer and issue with the new hay. 

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