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Lorna Cane

Hi Nicolle,

The hoof grows down from the CB. So....this is my understanding.Help Lavinia!.....if there is not too much damage (I don't know what I mean by that) the wall continues to grow down,while the old hoof gets pushed further down,meaning the foot can't be allowed to get long.Frequent mini trims.Hoof grows about1/4" a month ,yes?
My farrier,who had never come across this before,read that by carving a groove(see photos) the new growth would be able to grow in ,without being obstructed by old hoof wall.I have no idea if there is anything to that,but 4 of those 5 boys recovered ,as the text books say the will.
Drummer had problems with abscesses.I don't know why. 
I used the Davis Boots during that time.See photos. When Drummer's hooves became hooves again,although not sound,I went to other boots ,to deal with rehab feet.

I can check the journal(very thick)but it will take me some time. He was on a lot of supplements,many to do with the Se toxicity,trying to help getting rid of the high Se levels. Those horses should never have survived the levels of Se they had ingested over about a 4-5 week period,according to the literature.
The thing is that Elsa needs to be on what is right for her.We don't know what is causing this yet.

Lorna in Eastern Ontario

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