Re: Sloughing Pix Posted

Lorna Cane

Hi Bobbie,

It was Se toxicity. I had mixed my own supplements for ages,according to group protocol.But I had 9 horses and it was a chore.I was always envious of our American members who had easy access to supplement companies ,which provided mixes to balance to the hay.
Finally,a company up here agreed to do it for me.I was thrilled,as you can imagine.
But somehow they managed to add 25 times the required(and correct) Se to the mix ! It took several weeks for symptoms to show,and since we are far from soil containing  Se,diagnosis here  first included abscesses.When manes and tails began falling out bloodwork was ordered,and proved Se to be the culprit.
My then-vet was unfamiliar with Se toxicity,as were all the vets here,and ready to throw in the towel from the get-go.So I contacted Guelph myself,who put me in touch with a fabulous vet Out West ,in the US,who had dealt with Se toxicity a number of times. He and Dr. Kellon held us close and got us through.

Lorna in Eastern Ontario

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