Re: Sloughing Pix Posted

Nancy & Vinnie & Summer

Thought I would share a short pictoral of about a 3 year journey.  We had a metabolic laminitis that was quite mild I Italy,  but then with poor shoeing support and ongoing metabolic challenges the hoof wall slouched, the LF sank medially and prolapse.  So we have to decompress the hoof wall.  It has been a long journey of learning and navigating but worth it.  Vinnie has ringbone, bone loss of the p3 and the left over damage from the sinking but he is doing great. He was cleared to walk in tack about a month th ago, but we ha d a little shoeing set back where he was taken a little too short ans got sore. It is a delicate balance but so worth it.  I am pulling for you and Elsa, Nicole.  I know the exhaustion you speak of, but like the others say, take the tiny improvements as a win.

Nancy and Vinnie and Summer
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