Re: Help for my mare Alaska


Hi Eleanor, 

I had Alaska's resting insulin and glucose bloods done yesterday. I gave her hard feed at 9:30 am and bloods were drawn 1:30pm. She was eating her hay (new hay feed analysis added in her case study photo folder) up until the blood was taken. Values have come back nice and normal.

       Insulin                             8  mU/L          (< 42)
       Glucose                           5.5  mmol/L        (3.3 - 6.7)
Would it now be safe to say this is not laminitis, but pain and inflammation caused by her thin soles and trim imbalances?

I am still going to be very careful with her sugar and starch intake as although she is a good body weight, she still has one fatty deposit on her crest and has flared up with diet changes in the past.

Can you recommend anything to help with her thin soles? she cannot tolerate having shoes on, she is very painful when the nails go in.

I am also interested to hear your thoughts on the cycle and ovary issues she has had in relation to her foot pain.



South Australia 2022

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