Re: Why an IR horse shouldn't have shoes on?

Starshine Ranch

Thank you, Sherry and Kirsten,
The reason I got concerned was because Kirsten wrote this - " The shoes cause most of the horse's weight to be supported from the hoof wall" and it made me think I might be putting too much pressure on the wall... but you have settled my fears because her IR was low enough and now she is on a much better hay.  I plan to retest right after the rise.  When she stumbled, her toes were not very long and she mostly did it when stepping over rock.  I am hoping the boots will make it easier on rock and gravel... some of the trails can get pretty rocky and I always ask her to walk, which is when she stumbles the most.  I'll try to get some pics of her hooves uploaded to my file.
Linda in Grass Valley, CA  2020  Midnight and Ostara

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