Re: Cheapest Prascend NOW: Asking for compound

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Just an FYI  --  I saw the post about Precision Pharmacy so I called them yesterday to see if they would compound liquid Pergolide for me and to check to see if it might be less pricey than Avrio.  I spoke to the pharmacist and she couldn't give me exact pricing but she did say she thought it would definitely be less than the $500 I now pay for 2 bottles, 90 ml each, compounded at 5mg/ml.  The bottles last less than 2 months which comes out to about $3500/year and I could sure use any kind of a break.  I also asked her if, in the future I needed 7 1/2 or 10 mg/ml (if their ACTH gets worse) would she compound that for me and she said yes.  I also asked if there was a big difference between the capsules of powdered Pergolide and the liquid (in oil stable at room temp) that I now use and she said she didn't see any real difference... which is good because the liquid is so much easier.  They will also make a liquid Pergolide that needs to be refrigerated and she said both are stable and as good as the powder.  I just got a refill from Avrio so it will be awhile before I order but I am looking forward to seeing what the difference in price will be.
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