Traveling with an IR Horse

Meghan de Bruijn

Hi All!

I have the opportunity to take my two Mustangs to Oregon for two weeks for a change of scenery. We live in Utah and the drive will be 12 hours. We are doing it in 2 6 hour days allowing for a lot of down-time in Boise which is half way there. Any tips on how to keep Napoleon, the 19 year old IR Mustang in tip top shape while traveling? I was thinking about adding Pro/Prebiotics the week before travel through traveling and upping his VitE. Should I add electrolytes or just more salt? Or, just keep him status quo? I will be able to take enough orchard grass hay to mix with an orchard grass mix I will be getting in OR.

Here is his current diet balanced by Dr. Kellon:

(totals, split into two feedings)

15 lbs hay a day

1 lb Stabul + (for amino acids)

1/2 lb TC Timothy Balance Cubes (to make a mash)

1 scoop Uckele Sport Horse Grass (he's 13.3hh and about 750 lbs)

2 scoops Uckele Mag (the tiny scoops)

2 tbsp iodized salt

4 oz Custom Equine Nutrition Omega E

2,000 iu Emcelle Tocopherol Vit. E

Thank you tribe!

Meghan B 2022
Park City, Utah

Napoleon Case History  Link:

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