I'm a bit confused by my mare's 2nd round of glucose and insulin tests 7/23/22. I believe the ratios indicate her laminitis risk is now reduced, but her glucose level was much higher! Could this be an artifact of my not understanding the pre-test protocol and the fact that the July test was run 2-3 hours earlier (closer to breakfast?) than the first test 4/27/22? My routine is to feed beet pulp, mineral and joint supplements, Thyro-l, Equioxx for her DSLD and 1 cup of low starch grain in the am, along with hay. It is correct that I should feed only hay and the Equioxx on test morning? When should I re-test?

My folder also contains body condition photos from last night. Her exercise level has been increased since her 7/23/22 recheck and she has dropped some weight since then - I estimate 25-35 lbs. 

Thank you! 
Colleen M in CA 2022

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