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Hi Colleen,
Thanks for getting your mare’s case history posted as well as links in your signature.
I took a look at it before I saw your post and wondered about your question.  I don’t know what your pre testing protocol was but it definitely needs to be consistent, not so much wrt time but how her feeding is handled.  We like to test them as they might normally be found, not being fasted and not within 4 hours of breaking a fast.  So, after your mare is fed her breakfast and has had access to hay for 4 hours, she can be tested.  Anytime there is a fast of sorts, when she does not have access to food, her insulin will spike after feeding within the next four hours.  You don’t want to test insulin during this spike.  If your vet comes later than expected, keep feeding hay.  You can’t do anything about a super early vet other than being prepared with an early morning start yourself.  I don’t know why the glucose was much higher, other than being tested shortly after her meal.  Much of these feeding details are described in the Welcome letter we sent when you first posted.

I’m puzzled because you said she was diagnosed with PPID at the end of April this year but I don’t see blood testing results to support that.  It also doesn’t appear that she is on Prascend.  Could you please elaborate on that a bit?

In case you aren’t aware, we recommend ThyroL to jump start weight loss, although it is unlikely to maintain that loss.  It is often prescribed to decrease insulin which it does not do.
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