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Hi Ani,

I was able to open your Case History with a word type program, but it would be more accessible to everyone if you could save it as a pdf.

You can start transitioning to beet pulp by mixing half and half with the Bermuda pellets for a few days.  Beet pulp needs to be rinsed, soaked in plenty of water a few hours (I just soak 12 or 24 hrs, the time until the next feeding of it depending on how often I feed it, but 2-3 hours is enough), then rinsed again until the water runs clear.  Beet pulp pellets quadruple in size with soaking so 1/4 cup dry will yield about 1 cup soaked, or more.  I'm not sure how much beet pulp shreds expand. 

We have a list of people approved to balance diets here:

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