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Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Mikaela,

Wonderful that Zahr responded so well.

Yes, the shifting could be due to new neuro input. It could also be that the rest of his body is a bit sore/tired as he is now using everything differently than he was before. Even tho it's more in line with how he should be using things, it's still new work for all the muscles involved. Another possibility is that the improved mechanics and better movement are mobilizing any trapped collections within the feet, which could result in abscesses to move it out. If you notice any heat or real lameness, esp. in one foot more seriously than the others, abscess would be a reasonable thought. Soaking in epsom salt+water, then poulticing with Numotizine can bring those to a head more quickly. Avoid any NSAID as that would slow down the maturation process and extend the time it takes to clear it out.

Definitely need to continue backing the toes more, RF being the worst. Heels will also need to move back a lot more but it can't be done by just rasping them back as that will negatively impact the HPAs.

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