Shevawn, Standlee SmartBeet, whether shreds or pellets, contains molasses by-product that Standlee calls "secondary molasses." I tested one bag of shreds that had very high ESC, 17.4%, dry out of the bag. I haven't tested again because I consider it important to RSR all BP to remove high levels of iron. After RSR, ESC is low, and the shreds are safe to feed with appropriate adjustments to balance the high calcium. 

On batch of Standlee SmartBeet pellets actually tested better than the shreds, but analyses can change from mill run to mill run. You can find many analyses of BP in the Files. Some are listed under Beet Pulp, more are listed under Standee Products. 

Bottom line: RSR all Standlee SmartBeet products. If you are concerned about high iron, RSR all BP. 
Cass, Sonoma Co., CA 2012
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