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Sherry, thank you very much for the instructions.  I hope I followed them correctly.  Stubby is still on pasture as I have no place to put her where she cannot access grass.  I cannot create a dry lot for her because it would be a mud lot very shortly. I have tried grazing muzzles several times over the years, and she always manages to scrape them off or break them.  She panics when I put them on.  I finished the Heiro and have not purchased more since I was told it had not been found effective.  She hasn't had any since June.  She gets Remission, I have added Jiaogulan recently, and a bit of Glanzen 3.  I am soaking the hay but will not be able to continue that, so I am trying to find better hay for the winter.  She is moving around much better since I have added the Jiaogulan and seems much brighter.  A question about dosage on Jiaogulan:  I am dividing the dose into morning and evening and checking for pinkness in her gums.  If her gums are pink in the morning, does she still need the evening dose or that sufficient for the day?  I haven't found it easy to keep the dose exact as the stuff wants to fly away.  I am using a teaspoon to measure and giving her approximately half a teaspoon each time.  I calculate her weight to be near 300.  Regarding the metformin, do horses have the same kind of reaction to it that people do?  I have had several friends take it and become very ill.  Are there things I should watch for?  Stubby has a chronic diarrhea problem, she has been checked by the vet, no cause was found, but will metformin make that worse?  Thanks for all the help!
Toni Hayes, West Virginia, 2022

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