Re: Sloughing Pix Posted

Nicolle Dupont



Temp was down to 101.8 yesterday morning and I think it was 102.3 last night.  I can't find my thermometer now, must have dropped it last night.  Will get the people one out. lol

Yes, she is eating and drinking well.  It looks like the RF CB is going to blow also.  My main concern right now is the bedsores, they are about 1 inch deep, posted a pic.  The bandaging techniques do not last more than a few hours if she lays down on that side.  The side that she is down on I have to wait until she goes sternal and then have a minute or two to work on until she lays down again.  I was unable to do a good job on her right side yesterday.  Then doing her feet are nuts too.  I timed it, and she sits up about every 20 seconds and it is all I can do not to scream.  I clean everything then she dirties everything.  Yesterday she dumped the flushing liquid twice being a brat.  I guess that is a good thing too.

Nicolle D in BC Canada 2022

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