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Kirsten Rasmussen

Hi Toni, the link to your Case History folder doesn't seem to work.   Please replace it with this one:
Can you also update your Case History with the diet changes you've made?

I think it will be very important for Stubby's future health to figure out a way to create a dry lot.  You can lay down old carpet or rubber mats, or scrape off the topsoil and put in sand.  Since she's a mini she doesn't need a very big area so you can start small and gradually work on enlarging it. 

Have you started her on pergolide?  I haven't heard of any issues with horses on Metformin other than the possibility of mouth ulcers if you have to syringe it in to get them to take it, in which case we advise mixing it with milk of magnesia, and rinsing with water afterwards.  Some horses do eat it ground up in their food.

Ideally jiaogulan is given 2x a day.  You can make it into a paste with a bit of water and let her lick it up. 

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