Invokana vs Steglatro


What are the differences between Invokana & Steglatro? I understand that they are they work similarly but why are some horses on one & others on the other? Are both as easily available? From searching the massages it looks as if Steglatro might be less expensive? 

Also, I can not get Flame’s triglycerides down, even with multiple diet changes. Is there anything else I can do? What are the risks & what happens when his triglycerides are high? Triglyceride results: 4/4/22 (prior to starting Invokana) 83, 5/9/22 555, did diet changes & 6/13/22 449 & 7/19/22 447. Thanks is advance. 
Beth & Flame dx 2013 & Diana dx 2020

NV Oct 2013

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