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Hey Lesley, 

My gelding Odin with EMS is a notoriously picky eater with a history of ulcers and colitis. 

When I started him on Metformin he was feeling poorly (reaction to Exceed antiobiotic and his insulin wasn’t very well controlled yet). I tried syringing with milk of magnesia as recommended and he hated it. 

We started him on doxycycline, started his ulcer meds, increased his Prascend, waited about 6 days, and then I tried again, grinding the Metformin very fine and mixing it in with the Stabul 1 banana flavor pellets, some salt, and plenty of water.

Now he’s happily slurping that mix down and the med is getting in. 

I think he wasn’t doing well with the attempt to administer Metformin at first because he was feeling poorly overall; I’ve heard Dr. Kellond mention that that can often put them off feed/meds. 

Not sure if that helps for you or not but maybe check the other levels for your horse, tweak anything if needed then try the Metformin in feed/water?

Good luck! It can be such a challenge to figure out what works for them! 
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