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Hi Nicolle,
I’m obviously not Dr. Kellon but, when my mare had her hind cannon bone degloved by a metal wire, proud flesh was a big concern.  I was always told that the pressure from wrapping it would help.  Healing this leg took months.  I quit wrapping at one point because she wasn’t tolerating it well and began applying Schreiners solution.  It advertises that it controls the growth of proud flesh when used as directed, which does include some washing.  Her would healed beautifully and I had no problems with proud flesh.  There was a scar but you had to look closely for it.  This product is herbal and I’m more of a western medicine person but the pictures they showed encouraged me to try it.  My situation was equally bad but I’m glad I took the risk.  It may be totally inappropriate for use at the CB though.  I wouldn’t even know if you should expect proud flesh there.   
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