Re: recent tender footed - latest insulin up - please advise on medications

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Jenny,

Overt laminitis will generally be seen if insulin rises to 80uIu/ml or higher. However, there is sub-clinical damage being done to the connections anytime the insulin is even slightly elevated. A actually normal insulin is in the low teens or lower. So yes, insulin at 50 is causing some damage to the lamellar connections. Because he already had/has mechanical issues, that insulin level is continuing to make them worse. Even if he isn't PPID, just the normal rise in ACTH during this time of year will make insulin in an already EMS/IR horse rise further, which could be at least part of the problem.

Based on the last rads in his album (8/2021), Rico's breakover was still too far forward on all 4 feet. His heels were underrun, coffin bones were ground parallel, soles thin. If the wires on the rads were properly placed, there was some degree of sinking present in all four as well. Arthritic changes had progressed from the rads done a year previous to that. All of these factors would have contributed to making him sore at that time. As there are no current photos of his trim, can't make any comments as to whether things have improved since then or not.

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