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Hi Denise,
in your signature you have ‘K’.  Is that what you prefer to be called.  If you like being called “Denise”, put that in your signature, so we’ll know.  Thanks!

Could you be a little more specific in what you mean by “Injections”.  My guess is that you’re considering a hock injection.  Two types of risks come to mind, the risk of injecting a steroid into a metabolically challenged horse and the risk of injecting anything into your horse’s hocks.  When we see your horse’s results, we would be in a better position to assess the first risk and the second one is probably related to how frequently your vet does the procedure and your compliance with aftercare.

If you have reason to believe your horse has arthritis in the hocks, there are plenty of other options as the others have said,.  In all the horses I’ve had and ridden, I think I’ve only had one set of hock injections  done, on a pony club trooper.  That one was partially driven by peer pressure.  Adequan is injectable but you can possibly do it yourself.  


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