New case history, photos, and hay analysis posted #photo #photo-notice

Cassandra Reid

Hi All,
The case history for the first of my 2 horses is complete, along with his photo album.  I've also posted the hay analysis.  I'd appreciate your feedback and help with next steps.  I did find another message with a list of people who do hay balancing so will get to work on that.  I have a list of questions below.  
Thank you for your help,


What would his ideal weight be?

From the body photo does BCS 7 look right? 


Clarification re goopy eyes: his eyes run, mostly in summer. Clear liquid, not thick or goopy.


Since 2014 I have often hand-grazed him in areas near our corral.  There is a multitude of plants including grass.  Since his IR diagnosis I avoided grass and let him nibble weeds.  Stopped grazing in June 2022.  Wondering if I can resume with a muzzle at some point. 


Snacks: have fed primarily yams as snacks for the past couple of years, along with black oil sunflower seeds sometimes, and small amounts of fruit.  Are small amounts of fruit, such as 1/4 of an apple, ok occasionally?  Juliet Getty says yes if in small amounts and spread out over time.  I see says melon rinds are ok; does this include watermelon?  What about peanut butter on ww tortillas?  Peanut butter is his favorite.  Snacks average 4 oz/day, a little higher on days I’m working him, and lower on days I’m working other horses. 


Re Hay Analysis PDF, I sent the sample labeled “Timothy with some Orchard,” and the results are labeled “Timothy with some Clover.” I think this is probably a typo on their part. 


Should my folder allow any member to add files or should I limit it to me and moderators?


Can I change the name of the links below my signature by backspacing and rewriting “Beshlakai and Negra Case History”, “Beshlakai photos,” and “Negra photos” ?



Cassandra in NM 2022

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