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Cassandra Reid

Hi Sherry and Kirsten,
Thank you for your replies, with all the info and helpful links.

I'll check w/Eg. Analytics re labelling on hay sample results.  Should I send the results as is to Dr. Kellon at Uckele to get started? Or should I soak a bunch of hay and re-test? I'm feeling overwhelmed, and haven't even started my mare's case history yet. 

I'm feeding 1.5 lb of alfalfa and will stop it over the next few days.  That is going to cause problems with my IR mare but I will deal with that later when I post her case history. 

I will also stop TC Lite over the next few days.  I was afraid to stop this source of vitamins and minerals before I had hay balanced but if that's what you're recommending I will decrease now. 

Stabul 1 feed is available at my Tractor Supply.  They only list weird flavors like fenugreek, peppermint, banana, and Pina colada.  I'm looking at the feed, not the treats.  Are these flavors ok to purchase?

Thanks for weight feedback and links.  I agree about 6.5.  He has a slight trough and fairly thin pads by tail. 

Sherry are you saying that I could turn him out to graze with a muzzle on AFTER the IR has been controlled, and only hay until then? Just checking to be clear. 

Thank you for all the info on treats.  Frustrating that 2 vets, including a nutritionist, told me to feed yams. As I remember my horses hate celery but will try again, and cucumbers. My peanut butter is only peanuts and salt.  Will stop tortillas.  Both my IR horses can do ok without treats for the time being. 

Will re-shoot and replace hoof photos that need cannon bones showing.

Do you see any indications of any laminitic events based on any of the hoof photos?

I want to clarify that 4 different vets have evaluated Beshlakai over the past 4 years, including in the fall, and none of them have thought he looked like his feet were sore, and no one thought he was having a laminitic event, although all of them were aware of metabolic appearance and risks.  Everyone has agreed that his lameness issues look like stifles, back, and shoulders.  Of course I'm still wondering if laminitis has been part of the picture, though.  Any thoughts you have are welcome. 

Ok I will look at re-testing at the end of September as you suggest, Kirsten. Hopefully that will allow time for hay balancing to start taking effect.  

I'll start soaking hay too.  

Thanks again for your help.

Cassandra in NM 2022

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