Re: New case history, photos, and hay analysis posted #photo #photo-notice

Cassandra Reid

3 more questions:

1) If I stop feeding alfalfa, my elderly IR mare is going to drop weight precipitously.  Is beet pulp a better choice than Stabul 1 for her?  1.5% of her current wt is 17.25 lb.  How much beet pulp do you recommend feeding her if I'm only feeding grass and beet pulp?  She does need to lose some weight; she's about 5.5, but she can go up and down fast. 

2) I'm already including flax and salt in their diet.  Will include vitamin E until balancing is done.  Based on hay test results, do I need to also be including magnesium?

3) Is a 5 day time window good to wean off alfalfa and TC Lite and replace with beet pulp or Stabul 1?
Cassandra in NM 2022

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