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Cassandra Reid

Hi Sherry, Cass, and Martha,
Thank you for your help; it’s much appreciated.

Stabul 1 sounds easier than soaking beet pulp.  I will order samples.  
I bought some Standlee Smart Beet Pulp shreds today after consulting Emergency Diet instructions.  It has concentrated separator by-product in it, defined as “sugar beet molasses that has gone through further refinement to remove additional sugar.”  Is this suitable? I can return it if necessary.  

Yes I’ve had my 28 yo mare's bloodwork done and her insulin and glucose were far higher than Beshlakai’s so I’d like to remove alfalfa to be safe since she has lameness issues (ringbone and other probable joint issues) but want to be on the safe side.  I will get her case history up as soon as I can.  

Yes I meant grass hay, not fresh grass.

I don’t have any X-rays since his lameness has always been in multiple places, was hard to pin down, and appears to be in stifles, back and shoulders - hard places to X-ray. 

I will explore other grass hay options. Soaking hay for 4 feedings a day, and trying to train my working students in this new regime is intimidating.  I have several options:
Organic fescue, grown at a local Pueblo, has some alfalfa sprinkled through it and is fungus-free
Standlee compressed Timothy
Northern NM Timothy
Southern CO Timothy/Orchard
Another Northern NM Timothy that is less palatable

What are your thoughts regarding fescue? As I remember it’s a fairly low NSC warm season grass, recommendations?
Has anyone tested/tried the Standlee compressed Timothy?  Most of the other hays are herbicide-free, don’t know what chemicals Standlee uses but I will inquire if you all think this is a good option.
I’d like to avoid the orchard mix if possible due to higher NSC in general, and it negatively affects one of my horses. 

Martha, we never fed sugar cubes but when I was little my parents used to insert bottles of Coke and Fresca into our horses' mouths for them to drink lol!  

Thanks again,

On Aug 20, 2022, at 7:27 PM, Martha McSherry via <mmcsherry@...> wrote:

Hi Cassandra,
If your horses have been eating alfalfa without any issues, there’s no need to remove it.  It makes some horses footsore, for yet to be determined reasons, so we advise avoiding it.  That covers the mare but I would discontinue giving to the gelding as it’s possibly affecting him.
My horses are eating banana Stabul 1 now.  Fenugreek was sold out last I ordered from Chewy.  You can purchase a taste sampler from Nuzu.  When my dog needs a treat, he gets a few dog kibble.  If my horses needed an oral treat, I would probably use horse kibble.  That’s a far cry from the boxes of sugar cubes I used to purchase!  Does anyone remember when the sugar cubing factory burned and there was a shortage of sugar cubes?  My most recent horse trained me to discontinue feeding him treats.  They seemed to hold little appeal for him.
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