Lavinia : new hoof pics after trim farrier back Monday

Lori Ricigliano

Hello Lavinia 
could you please review these new pics of mya . The farrier trimmed her on august 5th according to your last markups . She seemed a bit better at first & now is struggling again especially with her left front . She has been doing more of this stretch stance & may be loosing some weight . She prefers to put weight on her right front even though according to X-rays it is worse. I think she may be having an abscess in her left front starting ? Farrier is back out this Monday august 22. 

coujd you give me some guidance as what to do to make her more comfortable with her trim ?

I have to update her file - we are on very little thyroid & only a gram of bute a day . I have added phytoquench- mag ox - vit e - triple crown Timothy cubes - still rinsing /soaking hay - waiting on hay analysis  - metformin bid - 1/2 tab prescend - rsr beet pulp - acetyl argentine- flax 
Thank you lori 
Lori R in MN - 2022

Owner of 3 Metabolic Horses 

MYA Photos:




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