Wally Update photos,Bloods and exercise


I have updated Wallys case history ,with latest blood results and feed changes (after advice from Dr K) and also added some new photos after latest trim .Would appreciate any imput on his trim and whether we are on right track ,have been working on bringing his toes back .
His bloods overall are good except for slight rise in trigs 1.1 mmol/L (0.1-0.7) I realise Au must use different units to measure from USA as most posts seems to be talking in the 100s could someone give me idea how i can convert Wallys results so i can get feeling for how his levels compare to what most people post?

He seems very happy in himself and certainly no longer showing any soreness and although i am aware I might be asking slightly prematurally but I am now beginning to wonder when I could start doing some exercise with him as he is only a driving pony (not ridden) could he start doing some walking drives ?
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