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After looking at your photos it is amazing to see how long you were able to care for Elsa. It is a tribute to your devotion and her tenacity that she made it as long as she did.
Here's a poem that still makes me cry as I think about all the wonderful horses lost to the group over the past few months, including my own. May it bring you some some small comfort, knowing that you did all you could for Elsa.

When tomorrow starts without me,

Please try to understand,

That an angel came and called my name

And petted me with her hand.


She said my place was ready,

In Heaven far above,

And that I’d have to leave behind

All those I dearly love.


I thought about our lives together,

I know you must be sad.

I thought of all the love we shared,

And all the fun we had.


If I could relive yesterday,

Just even for a while,

I’d wag my tail and kiss you,

Just so I could see you smile.


So when tomorrow comes without me,

Don’t think we are far apart,

For every time you think of me,

I’m right there in your heart.


with deepest sympathy,
Jennifer in Middle TN  2010
 Mill 33 1/3 yrs Arabian-PPID, IR & Pacemaker Dependent; 2-13-89 to 6-11-22
Jack 23 yrs TN Walker- IR & RAO

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