Re: Lavinia : new hoof pics after trim farrier back Monday

Sherry Morse

Hi Lori,

One housekeeping point - can you please make sure you delete the message you're replying to as it's easier for people on digest to read if there's not multiple copies of the messages.

As far as tapering off - it should be a 10 day process to wean off bute.  Have you read  If she's down to 1g AM & PM you can stretch the time between doses out to 48 hours for 2 doses and then go to .5g every 48 hours for 2 doses and then stop.  If you want to replace the bute with Devil's Claw see information on how to do that here:,%20switching%20from%20Bute%20to%20Phyto-Quench.pdf

Again, the sooner you can do that the better in terms of resolving those abscesses.  Can you post pictures of the current trim? Did her toes get brought back? 

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