Re: Lavinia : new hoof pics after trim farrier back Monday

Lori Ricigliano

Hello - I’m sorry about the reply messages - I’m not sure how to delete the message I’m replying to? 

im not a good computer friendly person - difficult for me to understand, unfortunately.

as to the mare I have her on phyto-quench with devils claw already - she doesn’t like eating it unfortunately. So with that I should just stop the bute according to the referenced article I should - but I’m having difficulty in her eating the phyto-quench?? Hints on how to get her to eat that ? 

with epson salt soaks in warm water is that safe ? I don’t want to soften her sole and risk a solar penetration because her sole gets too soft? 

Also I read somewhere in the digests here that I SHOULDNT give the devils claw plus by uckele  as it has yucca and As she is an IR mare that’s not good ? What devils claw product should I give then ? She does eat the uckele devils claw plus when I offered it to her separately before I got the phyto-quench . 

I’ll get some new pics uploaded to her file hopefully by tomorrow- I hope my farrier backed the toe up enough - he doesn’t believe in what I’m doing & would prefer I put her down - even though she stands 75% of the day nickers when she greets me and does eat her soaked hay - she walks stiffly in her cloud boots and has that stance - so he believes she is “done” & should be put down . This just destroys me personally- I feel like I’m fighting a loosing battle & im the only one who thinks we can overcome this . She is on metformin & I need to now get the second blood test to check her glucose & insulin levels - but she is better that she was when he first trimmed her a month ago - so I believe she is getting better . 

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