Mouse admitted to Marion DuPont Scott EMC


8.18.22 Mouse was transported to Marion DuPont Scott Equine Medical Center for an appointment with Dr. Jennifer Barrett. Upon arrival he was 4/5 RF lameness.  He was in Heartbar shoes with treatment plates.  Bounding DP in RF and positive to hoof tester on RF.  Negative to testers on LF and both HF.  Sole of the RF bulged below the distal phalanx and an area of thin necrotic keratin was present over what is suspected to be the distal extend of P3.  There was bruising on the sole visible surrounding the outline of the distal phalanx.  Radiographs obtained and in RF there was severe capsular rotation of the distal phalanx within the hoof capsule and there was no appreciable sole present below the distal extent of the RF P3.  There is mild fragmentation of the distal aspect of P3.  LF shows no evidence of capsular rotation or sinking.  Mouse was placed in Soft Ride boots and admitted to the hospital.  Mouse was started on Bute and Acetaminophen for his stay.  Lameness was slightly increased the following am in Soft Ride boots.  Improvement was shown over the next 24 hours.  Mouse was transitioned to wood clogs with a hoof cast application and impression material for increased support along the heel.  Upon discharge he was showing minimal lameness on RF and will continue on Bute for 7 days and Acetaminophen for 14 days.  I have radiographs taken at the hospital on 8/18 and 8/20.  I converted them to .jpg but when I load the files they come up blank/black in his photo files.  Can someone guide me on this as I would like someone here to review them.  I can email them to someone as well.  My farrier will come tomorrow to decide whether or not to keep him in clogs or transition to another therapeutic shoeing option with additional sole support to promote increased load-0sharing and reduce strain on the laminar tissue.  
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