Re: Lavinia : new hoof pics after trim farrier back Monday

Sherry Morse

Hi Lori,

You managed to delete the original message here so you're ok.  For the PQ with Devil's Claw I believe it can be dosed using a dose syringe if needed (I don't use it so don't have experience with that but I think some of our members have done that).  Have you tried offering her a very small amount to see if she's willing to eat it?  

I would not soak her feet unless you know she has an abscess ready to blow.  You can use poultice instead.  Uckele does a Devil's Claw without yucca but you need to call them to order it.  You can also source straight Devil's Claw and use that.  I believe both My Best Horse and Mad Barn carry it or you can look at a product like Equimins Liquid DC (

If your farrier is not on board you may need to look for a practitioner who is willing to work with you or consider taking up trimming yourself.  It certainly does not sound like she's ready to give up right now.  Her stance is fairly typical of a horse who is in lot of pain.  In our experience getting the toes shortened will help with that immensely and the effect is pretty much immediate.

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