Re: Compounded pergolide


Hi Toni,
I've used Wedgewood's Gourmeds chewable tablet several times. The tablets made it easy to adjust doses when needing to increase Pergolide to keep up with ACTH results. Stability isn't as long as capsules as previously mentioned. Sometimes the bottles didn't contain any packing material at the top, resulting in many broken tablets. One time it was between a third to a half of the bottle. Some horses don't like the standard flavor (apple or molasses if I remember correctly). I couldn't blame them as I got sick of the scent after a while.

Jennifer in Middle TN  2010
 Mill 33 1/3 yrs Arabian-PPID, IR & Pacemaker Dependent; 2-13-89 to 6-11-22
Jack 23 yrs TN Walker- IR & RAO

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