Ontario Dehy Cube Availability

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

Aurelio at Ontario Dehy kindly gave me this list of US distributors that carry the Ontario Dehy brand. He did emphasize that it is still best to call or e-mail to get the most up to the minute information because these change all the time. This is a good start though:

    - Cargill Nutrena (mostly in the East/  North-East)
    - Co-operative Feed Dealers - North-East
    - Tennessee Farmers Co-op
    - Consumers Supply distributing - They supply to much of the Midwest, and also some in the West.
    - The Delong Company - Mostly Wisconsin and Illinois.
    - VFC distributors - Illinois/ Iowa
    - Farmers Mill and Elevator- Mostly Minnesota

There is also a good network on the West Coast so just give them a call or drop an e-mail.
Eleanor in PA

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