All 4 feet bruised

Kelly Kathleen Daughtry

I just got a call from my farrier. All 4 of Micah's feet are bruised. She does not jump and has not been riding on a hard surface. She has pads on all 4 feet.  She did get her grazing muzzle off 4 weeks ago but it was only for a night (I tried to add a fly mask - she kept the fly mask on but got the grazing muzzle off instead). 
Nothing else has changed. Could that in and of itself have caused the damage? The farrier said it would take 5 weeks for anything to show up so he did not think so. 
The vet comes out tomorrow and we will do blood work. 
I had already scheduled the vet to come out because she is lame on her hind left toe/heal. At the trot, she would not pick it up but was dragging it.  She has been off and on lame for years so I did not associate it with founder (she tore her manica flexor, has suffered with weak suspensory). She had an ulcer in her eye that was pretty ugly but it has healed well.
 I'll ask to do x-rays. Anything else I need to look for? 
Kelly & Micah, Clayton NC

April 2016

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